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Bravo Lima Oscar Golf!

April 5, 2007

This is the start of a beautiful thing. 

When you feel like there is not enough time to do things you want to do: it is a clear signal you have been attacked, spammed, had your identity stolen by none else than…. YOU.

Try to realize and focus on perhaps one task at a time and finish it. Maybe a task can be split in quanta (parts) that can be completed. Completing things makes us go forward, it gives us the impulse to go forward and tackle better things. It makes us grow.

Many times you observe facts that unveil around you and you look at them and feel very distant; even the ones that inspire you and make you wish you were there. You need to start thinking: it is possible and find in you the drive to pursue your dreams. In spite of many people telling you – through their insecurities – that is to difficult of a task. Find people and friend that tell you: “you can do it, we are so proud of you.” This is what everybody needs, craves to be successful. Tune out the naysayers and tune in the encouragement only great friends and mentors can give.