June 11th Final Class

As everyone on the civic activism class rolled in their presentations it is interesting to hear each other take on the content created and the take-home from the class.

Everybody brought their own life experience in the final presentation – including Tom and Gary that actually went even further by presenting a whole biography. –

I think any of us got a renewed interest about activism and I noticed that our discussions sometimes gravitated towards activism postings we saw on the main building bulletin boards, some of them propmted us to research and then add the site (if there was one) to our chicago activism site: more bulletins are appearing and I believe those boards are a very good source for local activism.

We talked about “Tweets” as the “mini-me” of Blogs; small version of blogs that contain impromptu thoughts and observations – well ok, sometimes they contain pure drivel and nonsense, but sometimes we need to read that to snap out of our seriousness and have some fun. –

We learned about creative ways to get the word out there – sometimes even if it is illegal or a copyright infringement – when we heard that someone put into song lyrics the hexadecimal codes that make up the signature of a program to break Blue-ray DVD encryption.

Comments abounded about how to implement a timeline for the activism blog and how could that be used to trace and research organizations that did, are doing or will do something to foster change in our society. Change that hopefully will bring progress and better living to everyone.


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