May 4th class tech

Still thinking and struggling about what was said in last week class. It was about the military blocking blogging and sites like myspace from the soldier’s field computers connected to the internet.

My past tells me it was a very good idea, although I am not sure if the blocking extends past the events in time. Posting a picture of a soldier in a camp with a background image of the surroundings can give a pretty good idea where the camp is and that can be pretty dangerous for the people still there.

Perhaps they – the armed forces – should filter the content and allow the soldiers to blog, but then deliver it later when it is not deemed a “leak” anymore. I guess the problem then is who decides when to release the “offline” blog or website content.

Here is an article about Colby Buzzell, a former U.S. soldier in Iraq, who won a prize for a book he published later based on his blog entries that were censored at the time; find the article at


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