May 21th class tech

Interesting piece of news about the Internet and Plagiarism in this blog: MetroBlogging Lahore.

We look at a big “information jar” out there to put your hands into. With so many people who are now a source of information — how valid we don’t know. Every tidbit of information is a sweet cookie (a real one, not the kind your browser digests) for everyone to include in their information porfolio. Given the fact that your information porfolio can be very profitable, when it attracts readers to read the ads in your web page or log, how many people will fall into temptation and how many will be caught with their hands in the jar?

It’s hard to tell; we can only hope people will genuinely want to put their ideas out there and not someone else’s. And when they do at least give credit to the source and have some sort of sportsman’s honor code.

Fortunately this article brings forward at least one tool to come to the author’s aide: Copyscape. You can find it at

How many people will be caught with their hands in the jar? We still do not know, but we do know tools are being built to “turn on the lights in the kitchen.”


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