June 4th class

Phew, loooong time no blog.
Actually not much of anything that was not strictly related to kids and work. It has been two VERY long weeks. Frustration comes in abundance when your time seems to shrink down to nothing.

Well at least I am now feeling well and I am happily writing my class blog and going around to clean up all the class materials, find new entries for the Activism Blog and editing the powerpoint presentations.

Today in class we discussed more about the activism site and soem thoughts came about about the internet in general. We use this mean to do all this stuff and we never question its availability and existence. What if someone would “privatize” the Internet? it seems a very far fetched hypothesis, but there is in fact the possibility of such an event to occur. Talking with class members and browsing the net news and rss feeds we found some old articles about Google trying to purchase “black fiber” cables – optical cables that allow a greater bandwidth that were layed down a while ago (1995)  in the Internet boom and then never used commercially – and make their own private internet backbone from where to deliver exclusive content to paying subscribers.

Today – we discussed – we already pay for Internet service, so what is the difference? Most of us today pay for the connection and some of us for services provided  through the Internet; the Internet per se’ is an interconnection of networks that as been so far free for use and free to move content around.

There are countries – and perhaps the USA is not immune – that have governments that limit the content usable and viewable on the Internet; expecially all the content that resides on the world wide web. Larry pointed out that with the situation about terrorism in the US there are some governemnt agencies that might want to control content here too to “prevent” such actions. THe whole team agreed that perhaps they should use the Internet to learn more about this violent acts and prevent them by informing people so that such events could be prevented.

With all this information available it makes no sense to remove content; we should actually read and learn from it so that we won’t hear anymore one agency telling they were not told by another and so they couldn’t act. There will be no more excuses: the information is there for everyone to know.

Lynda brought up a very good point about the fact that even if the terrorists knew that we knew: that mere knowledge we knew what they were up to would have sent them cancelling the plan and try to find something else; something else that of course will be discovered and made public. People will not be caught by surprise then and thereby the greatest advantage of terrorism will be removed.


2 Responses to “June 4th class”

  1. Tom Tresser Says:

    Let’s have more reflection, thoughtful comment on what you’re learning, how the class is going, the process of collaboration. There needs to be some substative content here – not just quick short reports of who did what. I know you know technology, so the keeping of this blog is not a notable achoevement for you unless you populate it with some more meaning.

  2. cbiasi Says:

    I finally got around to check the log for the 4th and noticed it is truncated. It was supposed to be a lot longer and I had in there the transcript of some notes I wrote on paper in class.
    I am looking at the other entries to see if there is something missing and I will add more posts about the “take-home” experience from the class.
    I usually do that with my notes because I can focus on events and experiences better after they sat and settled in my mind for a while.
    Please keep me posted on the class for the future sessions too.

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