May 21th class

Tragic! Just found out we needed to turn in the paper for one of the assignments and completely forgot.

Lynda found something about a conference in Chicago about blogging.

Rogers Park bloggers are very active and rank 3rd in the Nation.

Tom read about corporate America like KFC are stealing clips from the ‘net and using it in their advertising.

GM got a big exposure by getting all the cars in Transformers to be GMs and you can blog with Optimus Prime (the leader of the giant bots to defend earth.)

Information wants to be free and somehow someone could find a way to use for evil purposes; like everything else since the Kirby vacuum.

The department of defense blocking utube and MySpace I really would like to see/hear what is that all about. I have a strange feeling that I might not agree with it.

News from the front is always difficult: why is it so important to know everything very quick?

I have a feeling that the PR world is completely populated by people who do not anything at all about war or any other combat situation. What is the difference about getting the information later on? Are these soldiers brainwashed just before getting home?

Gary wrote a piece about how to become an activist; seeing what makes the ordinary citizen to become an activist.

I need to send the link to this Blog to professor Tresser.

The beat for tonight is Social Justice.


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