May 14th class

Discussing where the class is standing for each one of us is bringing out all the students opinions and impressions. Linda started talking about the fact that we can write a lot about nothing. Something that looks and feels dull and meaningless to us might be interesting and even fascinating to an audience. Tom ilustrated an example of a guy that sold all his household items on eBay and then proceeded to go visit them in the different households they ended up in. He got so much feedback that he wrote a book about it.

This week has been particularly taxing and ended up to this day to drain all the energy I got; I am really having to switch back to school mode to pay attention. In sorts thismoment allows the mind to relax and be more active in the areas it was not used.

The importance of collecting contact information about people we talk to: phone, email.

More than one person expressed the original idea they had of the course was about to learn about history and about activism in Chicago. Tom Ramirez spearheaded the subject.

Holaday: Perhaps we need a guide to the blog; where to start – a page or link where people will navigate to to start their journey inside Chicago activism.

 Adriana noted she was learning a lot about the new medium and tools available on the net. SItes like yahoo flickr and blog engines, u-tube and mySpace. Some of these web 2.0 content drivern pages contain a lot of information that sometimes can look pointless and useful only to youngsters to lounge around. The same way it was done in the past in front of the ice cream parlor. This time the impact is much larger though and the sheer volume and behaviour of the “viral” information that potentially can derive from the internet can make nonsense into a great idea.

Tom Bergstrom announced the blog entries will hav eto be re-categorized and located on the neighborhood map.

“Mark” voiced the part of the group that is already using the internet as an everyday tool; he wants to obtain more information about activism. Check out Joe Moore’s web site on Rogers Park for activism hub example.

Oh boy I am tired, cold and hungry! Well perhaps finally I am not cold. Here in the land of eternal winter we reached finally something that in other part of the world is considered mild spring weather.

Gary evidenced the collaboration and cooperation part of the class and the fact that the information at hand made him more aware about. The phenomenon of how to use this directory we are building to fire up the spirit of people to join groups and make activism possible. Telling the story makes it accessible to us. It is not necessary to give up the daily job to participate.

Gary T and Beverly near him come up with examples about local sotries that impacted them and got them to participate,

Larry (cop and activist) : Information does not necessarily get out for something to be done about it. A public outcry for change and a massive amoun tof people are involved: change happens. Mass politics is at play here.

“Sex, drugs and updating your blog” on the New York Times talks about using blogging in the entertainment industry.

We are listening to a mediocre song now from the site mentioned in the NY times; HOW IN THE HECK DID THEY GET THE ENDORSEMENT? Who spun the piece of news to the media?

Viral marketing; apparently this happened before the interest of the ny times was peeked.

Prof attracted the attention to LinkedIn; zoominfo as search engine, zabasearch.

Blogging stats: web 2.0 distributed content : centralized processing: identity issues?

MIssion critical here does not seem to be part of the subject. He made a comment about the army guys posting stuff on mySpace and they should be able to. Perhaps he has never experienced enemy mortar fire?

Now blog is found more easly than any other page on the net. ? Big ?

Blog turns consumer relations from top-down to peer-to-peer.

Covering a topic for a year practically give s you enough material to write a book.

Align the readers with the content. There is always somebody out there that is a little bit more nuts than you about a particular topic you want to write about.

Andy Wibbels guest speaker

At daily KOS advertisement costs 9000 a week for the top slot.

DEmocratiziation fo the media thorugh this blog technology.

This class really starts to be interesting; perhaps the format should always be with a guest.

Deferred blogging

Blogging for small business.


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