May 7th class

Today we saw a little video about a very silly guy that re-did the video of the alien singing “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor and getting killed by the disco ball in the middle of the song.

The poor target is now none else than a Jesus impersonator that comes to the same end being hit by a bus on the street.

I cannot believe that people found that funny; not only the subject is old and re-hashed millions of times, but where is the funny in any case in this one? Perhaps bashing a taboo about religion? I am not difficult to amuse and this thing did not amuse at all. The only thing that might have given this pathetic attempt to comedy is the fact that a lawsuit was filed – wait a minute that was the funny part 🙂

We discussed the impact of the internet and capability of broadband to a nation own wealth.

Evaluating broadband proficiency with economic development.
The connection between internet and democracy. China is keeping the internet at bay to avoid spreading democracy. Perhaps it is true and the Internet provides a faster “viral” way to spread democracy, but I wonder how we reached democracy without the internet. It is scary the fact that now people will tell us of course you are not free: you do not have a broadband connection! How does makes one free: it is hard to tell.


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