April 9th class

Second class; we are getting more acquainted with the electronic media and tools we will be using in class. It is very interesting to go in and get accounts created to these sites – this one included – and set up a collaborative framework to start building our little-big Electronic Catalog for Chicago Activism.

It never cease to amaze how much stuff is available for free and allows everyone to be part of the media; it is interesting also to see how some of these medium could be actually used to make money based on the amount of traffic they receive. This kind of activity is no longer usable solely by the big companies who purchase data from the stores who gave you their preferred card.

Now you can tell you write something interesting because people want to read what you are saying and like to interact with you and offer their responses.

Sometimes these responses can be harsh; Tom (prof. Tresser) told us someone received death threats because they were advocating their rights to delete a post on their blog if they demeed it offensive. Wow, we do need more nice people on this Earth.

Perhaps in a period of sustainable development we should start to think about being friendly with the environment and being friendly with each other; it seems the world lately is all about going around to get even. The answer to our problems is not longer the solution; it is who we can blame for them.


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