April 23rd class

After struggling with WordPress neat user interface – but awful formatting engine – I came up with an idea to automate the creation of a blog entry for the Catalog. So “CataBlog” was created: a program in java swing able to accept all the elements we need for a blog entry in the Chicago Activism Blog and ouput a document that can be cut and pasted in WordPress without formatting surprises.

I tested the program and it worked very well; now if I can only get the http://edens.cnt.org/guide site working fine it will be great. Of course any program written by you becomes your little puppy and it comes without saying I am proud of this little thingie that helps me with my assignment. I think it might be also a great tool for everyone to use to speed things up: I asked Tom (prof. Tresser) if we could do that.

Last class I started to be curious about blogging engines and that spawned curiousity towards what was available in the open source arena and I found a couple of great technical resources: I reported them in my tech blog posting. 

Another point made was a little discusison about the free internet; should it be privatized? I had to confess I never thought about it; I guess I always took the internet for granted. As a professional of software development I started to pay a little more attention to the subject and decided to propose to write a paper on it.

Seriously I use the internet for everything in my professional life and personal; I realized I put in discussion connectivity issues and security and integration challenges while I am in “work mode,” but somehow I take all the rest of the stuff that clearly someone else developed as just there.

Perhaps you think you might encounter bugs, but you never think that the whole kit and kaboodle could go back to the CompuServe days, where you had to pay a hefty fee just to have email – and on top of that you could not even choose your own id. –

In myspace I keep getting solicitations for sexy sites or pictures; how do you know someone could be a real friend and just have as hobby that? I do have a friend who is a photographer and I imagine his page would be something like that; so sexy is not the bad part, but the fact most of these so called “new friends” are in just for the money and they use their own body (I have to confess some of them really attractive)  to lure you in and pay money based on your own hormonal activity.

Could you be friend to someone in that line of business and yet avoid to be a customer? Would these people be willing to share their experience and opinions beyond the service provider/customer relation? I feel it is really hard to answer that and for the time being – although feeling a little bad about it – I decided to deny their “friendship” offerings.

Today’s lesson started with a discussion on trusting the content on the internet; who can we trust if we do not know who is writing and checking the sources.

Blogging in the news: facebook.com and his owners. They turned down 1 billion from companies like Yahoo and Google.

WBEZ radio news. How do you get your news? network news, cable, public radio, Magazine, Internet.

Politics and the internet. MySpace has quite a few personalities in there included Hillary. How many friends do they have in MySpace

Example of video on utube hacked the original macintosh ad and substitutes the logo Apple with the O as in Obama. Interview with the author: he used Final Cut Pro and Motion to “mash up” or video hack and remix.

The macaca video: ?

Beats for tonight. Change to Social Justice.


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