April 2nd class

Entered three weeks after the starting class, this blog entry is the proof itself I have learned something. Now I have my personal Blog page, I have posted to it and browsed the functionality of this blogging engine.

The class was a surprise in many ways: I had not taken a class in the CNA building before; so the first challenge was to find where the building was. Then the class looks like a computer lab – that’s why we paid that fee 🙂 –

The professor started with what is now known as his standard greeting: “Good evening ladies and germs;” we started learning about what was his vision for the Chicago Activism Catalog. He gave us a brief introduction on his biography and passed along a little flyer about a theatre production he is involved with. I believe the company is named “Collaboraction” and the play was “The intelligent design of Jenny Chow.” Quite an interesting play: I hope I will have the time to go see it.


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