April 16th class

We are going to check “blogging in the news.”

Some people out there have been using blogs to publish dubious content. Some receive death threats for mentioning to delete comments in your own blog that are considered offensive by you. From this point of view someone started to think about a “code of conduct;” like the O’Reilly Radar site at http://radar.oreilly.com/

Clearly playing on the name of Radar O’Reilly – a character in the old TV series MASH – Mr. O’Reilly started a white paper about a code of conduct for bloggers.

We are going to have our welcome page that will list the rules of acceptable content in our own blog.

It is indeed a heated argument when it comes down to being able to exress any comments on any blog. I believe the owner of the blog should be able to delete content he/she does not like or consider offensive.

Some family sites have been used and their pictures remapped to set up very discutible sites. Is it even feasible to know when and where our blog content is being used? How can we protect the content and yet still make it available online?

Flickr is the Yahoo images database; using our login as a class we are looking at ways to re-use the pictures uploaded to flickr into our blog on wordpress. 

We will learn about the controversy that is raised by the blog phenomenon.

Sometimes I think I am getting behind and there is too much information and then everything falls into place: it is necessary too to add articles and add the link and your comment.

For the L7 the final presentation would be a powerpoint presentation of the blog for this class. This very blog.

What in the heck is “net neutrality?”

There is a movement right now to privatize the internet and savetheinternet.org is trying to raise the issue of free internet for all. Will the internet be as free if privatized?

5 beats for the night: ours is “Environment.”

I will be in a group with Ms Dawn Hodges for “Environment.”

The format for the blog page is in one of the powerpoint presentations in BlackBoard. After the page is formatted we will upload the pictures in Yahoo Flickr and reference them in our page on WordPress.


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